Gratitude + Daily Mindfulness

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Thanksgiving is a time that arrives each fall and serves as a reminder to stop and remember all we have to be grateful for and to put into perspective the blessings that we have been given.

As I think about this, I wonder why it is that we choose this one time of the year to really celebrate all it is that we have to be thankful for. Why is it just this time of the year that we feel the need to express gratitude? Why isn’t this appreciation for what we have been blessed with a daily practice? Why do we let the other 364 days of the year go by, complaining about insignificant annoyances when we could instead be channeling those frustrations into mindful energy that takes a second to stop and look around and think “Wow. Look at all of this! Look at what I’ve been blessed with!

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Our lives are filled with an abundance of blessings that we cannot even begin to comprehend. As this Thanksgiving comes and goes, we here at Izzie + Sky are going to make more of a mindful effort to express daily gratitude. Upon waking up, think about some things that you are thankful for. Not only will your day start off on a great, positive foot, but you will be reminded of all you have, and those small, insignificant annoyances may place less of a burden on your day.

As I’m writing this, I’m cuddled up in my cozy bed, feeling nice and warm. I’ve got a delicious hot cup of coffee, a candle is burning, Ben Howard is playing, my stomach is nice and full, and my dog just nudged my door open to come in and say hello, her tail wagging. Blessings are everywhere. You just have to look.

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